Science and Western Civilization Part a Paleolithic Essay

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Science and Western Civilization

Part a Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age): 135,000 years ago

The culture and society of the Paleolithic Era was based on hunter-gathering. This is when men and women worked together to survive by foraging for food. The way that this was accomplished was through a nomadic existence. In most places, different groups of people would follow the migration patterns of animals (by constantly moving around). (McClellan, 2006, pp. 5 -- 16) (Hodges, 2004) (Hodges, 2012)

However, as time went by science and technology enabled more people to spread out in various regions. Moreover, there were advanced tools (i.e. spears and fire) that helped to improve hunting technique. This caused society to change with more people using the new technology to increase their lifestyle. (McClellan, 2006, pp. 5 -- 16) (Hodges, 2004) (Hodges, 2012)

The way these issues are relevant in today's society is to illustrate the development of humankind throughout the centuries. This occurred with a series of changes in the weather and migratory patterns of the other animals.
The combination of these factors forced humans to shift how they were living their daily lives. (McClellan, 2006, pp. 5 -- 16) (Hodges, 2004) (Hodges, 2012)

For example, the Ice Age made it more difficult for people to sustain themselves in one region. To address these challenges, everyone started moving to other areas that had more to offer (i.e. Africa, Asia, Australia and North America). This formed the basic foundation of various tribes and ethnic groups. To this day many of the descendants of these individuals live in areas that were once settled by their ancestors 10 thousand years ago. As a result, this impacts contemporary society by highlighting who has the rightful ownership to the land and natural resources inside specific regions. (McClellan, 2006, pp. 5 -- 16) (Hodges, 2004) (Hodges, 2012)

Part B Early Neolithic Era (New Stone Age): 12,000 years ago

In the Neolithic Era there was a focus on humans organizing themselves on the.....

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