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Scholarship review board,

I am committed to personal development and greater education for several a reasons. The one that most closely references the theme of this essay, "How does my education affect my family?" is honor. I wish to honor my family for their social, psychological and financial contributions to my life and my education. I would not be where I am today if my family had not come forward voluntarily and taken care of me when my Mother and Father were unable and unwilling to do so.

My grandmother, who is now 78, raised me from infancy when my mother and father abandoned me. With the love and commitment of my grandmother and my uncle and aunt, I have been able to succeed in a nontraditional education, which was supported financially through scholarship and emotionally through perseverance on my part and the support of my family.
I have now nearly completed my last year of high school successfully and wish to further this with a college education. My desire is to further honor my family with my personal and professional success.

Though the road through my education has been challenging, my family has developed a support network that has enabled me to….....

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