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Freud was Right, Peter Muris discusses Freud's analysis of abnormal behavior. He acknowledges that Freud's research methods were flawed because he focused on case studies rather than empirical analysis to try to determine causation. Despite that, Muris suggests that Freud's theories about the etiology of psychological disorders and abnormal behavior being rooted in childhood and showing emerging behavior in children and adolescents may be supported by what is known of abnormal psychology. This does not mean that Muris believes that Freud's explanations for abnormal behavior, specifically his Oedipal theories, explain abnormal behavior; he does not believe that abnormal behavior is necessarily rooted in sexual impulses towards parents as Freudian theories would explain. However, he does believe that Freud's studies began to explain the origins of abnormal human behavior and may provide insight into helping those who engage in abnormal behavior.

Muris believes that many patterns of abnormal adult behavior have their roots in adolescence or childhood, either manifesting in childhood or caused by childhood trauma.
In fact, 36.7% of all youth suffer from some type of diagnosable psychological problem prior to their 16th birthdays. The causes for this are linked to four groups of factors: characteristics of the child; family relationships (specifically parent-child relationships); influences of the environment (learning experiences); and societal influences. The characteristics of the child look at innate characteristics that may be genetic; three of the most common psychological disorders in youth (anxiety disorders, depression, and disruptive behavior disorders) have a proven strong genetic component. Furthermore, while heredity may influence the emotionality of the child and the child's susceptibility to psychological problems, it interacts with what is known as effortful control. Family relationships focus on two dimensions of parental attitudes towards children: warmth and the level of independence expected from children.….....

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