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Probably one of the most important elements of this research is that the antibodies from the b-cells attack only the cancer cells, not the surrounding healthy cells, and so, they are far less invasive and intimidating than other types of treatment like radiation or surgery.

The drug Rituxan is also used in concert with other treatments to gain the best results in more patients, and the only downside so far has been that not all patients of certain cancer types, such as lymphoma, respond to the drug (Editors). That is Levy's biggest challenge for the future, to discover why all or most patients do not respond favorably to treatment. If he can discover that, the implications for future treatment and elimination of certain cancers is even more promising.

In addition, these therapies have been used to treat many types of lymphomas, and have sent them into remission, which gives patients many added years to their lives. This will contribute to healthier patients, but many children are diagnosed with lymphomas, and these new drugs may someday be able to vaccinate them against the disease before it starts, as well. Continued research into these antibodies will carry on, and it is certain that sooner or later they will lead to new breakthroughs in other cancer research and cures, and even other areas of medicine.
Therefore, it seems that Levy's research will go on for decades and could be one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the 20th and 21st centuries. This interest in Levy's research is indicated by his popularity at oncology and immunology conventions and meetings, where he discusses his research and his hope for future breakthroughs.


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