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I performed much better in the subjects that I liked but my performance in the other subjects that we had to take was disappointing in comparison. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to being able to study only the courses that I choose either because the subject matter that is genuinely interesting to me or because I know that it relates directly to my specific vocational goals.

I am also looking forward to the opportunity to learn as an adult because I will be able to communicate with my instructors on an equal basis. That is something that will be a new adventure compared with my previous educational experience, there was a natural degree of challenge and even a certain amount of anxiety, especially in my earliest years of school when adult teachers were always authority figures rather than peers. As a child, I regarded teachers only as authority figures who I had to obey; it never even occurred to me that I could really learn from talking to them.


In general, it is expected that returning to school as an adult might be a foreign sensation the first time I sit at home in front of a computer; nevertheless, it will quickly become much more beneficial as I get used to transition of being a student again.
I am confident that my time management skills have greatly improved since I was a teenager. I am equally optimistic about the opportunity to conduct Internet-based academic research. The freedom to choose only courses that interest me will make school mush more rewarding, and I am also looking forward to enjoying a more equal relationship with my instructors and to appreciating how much I can learn from them......

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