Second Language Teaching Technology and Research Paper

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This then helps the teacher to appropriately adjust their approach and teaching skills to address the particular weak points that the students or particular student might have.

There is need to incorporate computers in class as well particularly in some particular topics in teaching second language. This applies especially when it comes to the use of language in creating formal documents or such like formal types of writing which can best the imbibed by the students.

With the availability of the computers, there will need also to have language systems used to help the students especially in the independent learning process. This will help the students grow some level of independence and self-reliance in learning more details of language as they can easily look up the meaning and use of words and phrases even in the absence of the teacher.

LCD projector is yet another technology that can be used in a class setting to aid in the teaching of English. The instructor can use it for the daily teaching but more significantly it can be used by the students in their presentations in class while engaging in class activities that will enable them learn faster.

Sound systems are also instrumental in settings like the lecture theatres where the number of students is high. In teaching language, there is need for clear articulation of the words and pronunciation since the learners pick it as spoken by the instructor.
This means clarity and audibility is paramount in an English class hence technology can aid in achieving this.

Recording devices like the cassette player are also important technologies that should be included in a class of second language. This will make it easier for the students to have recordings of the lessons to use later on for their references as well as to be able to record themselves as a way of putting in practice what they learned.

It is also important to have DVD players with overhead projectors and the projection screen in the second language classes. These can be used to show videos of conversations that contain lessons beneficial to the class (Benjamin Cabrera, et al., 2010).


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