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Although the San Francisco police do not carry stun guns they do carry Tasers, and Tasers work on the same mechanism as those of stun guns shooting darts that deliver electric shots to stun suspects. It is said that 334 individuals died from these electric shots during the years 20001 to 2008. If that is so, the AHRP can publish the results on its page pointing out that the effects of so-called not-so-lethal stun guns are actually quite lethal indeed.

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The Belmont Report

The basic ethical principles to be considered in all human research studies involves:

1. Respect for persons -- This involves two categories: (a) that all people regardless of ethnic, gender, mental, physical and any sort of distinction should be treated with dignity and respect, and accorded their autonomous right to do as they wish. (b) That individuals who are more vulnerable should be accorded special attention and protection

2. Beneficence -- this extends to two general principles that includes (a) not only not harming the participant but (b) also affirming that their general well- being is met and maximizing possible benefits of the study whilst minimizing potential harm.

3. Justice -- These regulates the way that participants should be treated in the study maintaining that (a) each participant should be equally involved in the study (b) each should be treated according to his particular need (c) and according to her particular effort (d) and that burdens and benefits of the study should also be divided according to societal contribution and (e) merit.
The Rutgers IRB Board guarantees protection of all participants of study ensuring amongst other conditions that the same conditions of selection and treatment received during study is equitable to all and that privacy and dignity of subject is maintained. Informed consent is therefore sought in a language that participant understands and which ensures that possibility of coercion does not exist. . Safeguards are also put into place to protect rights and welfare of vulnerable participants.

Furthermore, the IRB insists that participants possess sufficient and comprehensive knowledge of the research context particularly when the research involves greater than minimal risk to participant. These are just some of the many conditions in which Rutgers OTB endeavors to meet the conditions outlined by the Belmont Report.


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