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The school has accepted to offer different teachings in accordance to the diverse religious groups and movements in the society. Therefore, the school has catered for all the learners so that they are able to learn in accordance to their original faiths. Moreover, this strategy has worked to the advantage of many people in the society as done among learners in the school. The appreciation of different faiths has been made significant and relevant to the existence of a diverse religious setting in the world (Thomas, 2007).

Not all has been well with the application of the strategy involved in my school. However, many learners have appreciated the issue of giving them religious studies based on the faiths of their culture, ethical issues as concerns interaction and replication of the faiths have created differing notions among the learners.
For instance, it is hard to manage to believe in the trinity among Christians while at the same time handle faiths that oppose the concept of trinity. Many learners have unanswered questions that are directed at establishing a solid understanding between the different faiths. The magnitude at which these faiths differ as with the teaching of the Ten Commandments has created many differences that translate to the character and behavior of the learners in the classroom (Murray, 2007).


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