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While scaffolding is not intended to be something the student can permanently rely on, it is designed to be built up, adjusted, and then finally removed over time, as the student develops what he or she needs in order to be successful without the scaffolding being in place. It is very important in the future that I focus on the proper level of scaffolding and remember that each student is different. Some will need more scaffolding than others. If I spend too much time building up scaffolding, I will lose the interest of the students who do not need it. However, not providing enough scaffolding means that a number of students can have trouble with the material because they are not properly prepared to process what they are learning on their own. The key is finding a balance that works for the majority of students in the classroom, and then providing extra help to those who need it.

That is the ultimate goal, but it is easier said than done because students are individuals and addressing only the majority of them leaves outliers who I do not want to lose from an education or interest perspective.
Despite my concerns, though, there will always be students who grasp the material much more easily than others, along with students who struggle deeply to make sense of the information. I have to place my focus on reaching the largest number of students possible, and by finding a good balance regarding how much scaffolding I should be using, I will be better able to do that for students going forward. Future lessons will be easier for the students and easier for me with scaffolding techniques, which I can then use in future classes more effectively because I will have found the balance I need to reach as many students as I can through each lesson, and to help those students find a way to continue to build on their learning experiences as they move forward......

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