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Therefore, policy initiatives and public resources are primarily confined to basic religious beliefs and practices. This has lead to a serious imbalance in social, political, and religious developments. Asia has already realized the rapid expansion in the religious sector hence the need to expand social and political developments. The region has noticed that religion is essential for social and political growth. It is also equalizer in the allocation of policy initiatives, and public resources in case Asia is to become successful in the highly globalized world (Esposito, John, & Bakar 2010).


It is clear how economic, social, and political developments have a positive response towards the magnitude of some religious practices and beliefs but negatively responds to church attendance. Therefore, economic and political development depends on the magnitude of believing in the religious beliefs and not belonging to a religion. In this case, it can be concluded that Asia did not evolve into a full region because the prosperity seen in conflict resolution has existed over the need for stability and peace among the populations in the region.
Asia can only hope that zealous trends would continue to encourage the desire to impart the eluded quality of religion across Asia even in the future. The region must still be optimistic that region can influence and implement untimely solutions creating a more cohesive, socio-politically and economically stronger region.


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