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There is one however, and it is the level of education they have. I plan to go through with my Master's Degree at some point and many of the people who lead my community including council people, the mayor the police chief and department heads also have high levels of education.

If I could change any inequality in my community I would change the fact that there are two African-American city employees out of 300 total workers.

I would do it with a drive to recruit people of color and encourage them to apply for open positions. I would require them to have educations equal to the average education of other city employees. I would change it so that the face of our town reflected the true demographic make up of the town.

When I called the mayor he had no way of knowing what color I am. When he was discussing the racial issues with the police department he insisted that they were imagined by "those people who live across the river.
" This area is a predominately Black residential area. I could only draw the conclusion that he has racial bias of his own that he may not even recognize. Regarding hiring more Blacks into city positions the mayor was all for it. He said he believed it was important to have the city reflect the demographics of the community and he plans to start a campaign to recruit and hire minority employees over the next year.

CONCLUSION love my town. I enjoy the store owners' way of greeting the customers as if they were family members. I love the weather and the overall climate of my area. I enjoy attending town meetings and for the most part believe that the city leaders do have the city's best interests at heart. If I could change something in my town it would be to have African-Americans assume roles of authority and help to affect change by their vote and jobs.


Wright, Timothy (town mayor)

Kittewell, Cathy (County….....

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