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fall on a daily basis. Some problems appear here to stay. When these situations arise people look towards government, business and one another for answers to these problems. Renewable energy, climate change and the environmental forces humanity tends to impede upon, seem to be the most important news items of the day. Quantum Technologies, a company with leadership in this environmental arena, has become an interesting case study within the green energy industry and all of its potential offshoots.

The purpose of this essay is to examine Quantum Technologies and its position within the green energy industry by using Porter's five forces model as a guide. In this examination we will look at the market forces, rivalries and competition, nature and pace of the industry, and the overall capacity and outlook for this emerging agency. This essay will be useful in understanding applied business theory and possibly predicting market outcomes and results.

Is important to understand the history of quantum technologies before beginning the examination. Quantum Technologies is committed to providing environmental friendly commercial and government energy technologies. The markets of interests includes the automotive industry, energy industry, aerospace industry and the defense and security industry. Quantum Technologies develops, produces and delivers technological manufactured goods that contribute to the end product of other items. QT does not make the car, but sell the technology to carmakers to utilize the green inventions. QT manufactures batteries, electronic controls electronic drive systems, hydrogen storage systems, alternative fuel technologies and alternative fuel vehicles.
The lifecycle of this industry, is just beyond the introduction stage and is now growing. The demand for alternative sources of energy and driving fuels, are surging rapidly every day. We have not quite reach maturity in this market and we are beyond the introduction stage. The lifecycle of the products seems to be in the same stage of growth. It may be argued that the industry is further along in the lifecycle, however I believe they share the same age.

Porter's five forces model helps with the understanding and promotion of business strategy. Porter's five forces include the threat of new competitors, the threat of rivals, threat of substitute products or services, the influence of the customer base, and finally the bargaining power of its suppliers. I'll examine quantum technologies under these five forces to contribute to the understanding of its strategical placement within its designated market.

The threat of new competitors is very real to quantum technologies. The demand for renewable energy and all of its benefits are in high demand. The sun and wind along with other natural suppliers of energy provide probably the most competition to QT. It should be understood then, competition is everywhere and anywhere we see off the grid intentions executed. While there are clearly no top….....

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