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pun in the first two lines relate to the contrast between winter and summer. Winter here is used in a metaphorical sense. "Our discontent" is an emotional state that is shown through the image of winter, whereas the "sun of York" is the concrete sun shining on the country. The pun is then embedded in the fact that a concrete sun is used as an image to warm an emotional state.

The "he" refers to a personification of the war that the country as been enveloped in. This is another metaphor to show the change that has come over the country from a grim depression to a lighter mood. This personification could also refer to the mood of the soldiers returning from war.
They were grim-faced when entering the battle. Upon returning, the mood is lighter, and the frowns have been smoothed.


Richard says that "he" is using the time of peace to renew his acquaintances with ladies. In other words, the soldiers, having been away from their lovers….....

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