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Public health services can produce a considerable impact in the delivery of health care under ideal circumstances. In order for such a synthesis between these two aspects of health care to actually take place in a meaningful way, it is necessary for public health services to receive support from the various models of health care delivery. Specifically, health care delivery models need to provide a base of action which can succor the situation which the general public obtains from the administering of public health services.

For instance, it is largely up to those involved in public health services to educate the populace about health issues that could adversely affect them. Furthermore, it is also necessary for various agents of public health services to promote a general atmosphere of wellness with which to envelop the general population. Doing so might take the form of any type of methodology including running television commercials, posting billboards, and holding community information sessions.
If, for example, the target of one such particular campaign was the virtues of safe sex, there are a plethora of ways in which health care delivery models would need to support the aforementioned education and awareness measures. Medical facilities -- including doctor's offices, hospitals, and clinics -- should disseminate free or (significantly reduced priced) prophylactics (Shute, 2013): not only condoms but measures that can prevent the transmission of diseases from other methods of sexual activity such as oral. Additionally, they should offer support in the form of free testing for various diseases, as well as disseminate other valuable tools in the fight for safe sex such as pregnancy tests.

The main point, of course, is the nature of the relationship between health care delivery and public health services. The former provides the means of acting on the information that the latter issues. Again, it is vital that the various models of health care delivery in….....

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