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Chapter 5 of the Abnormal Child Psychology textbook is about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD). The chapter provides a brief description and history of the disorder. Then, core characteristics of ADHD are listed, such as inattention and hyperactivity-impulsivity. This information is helpful for understanding how ADHD is diagnosed. The authors also give information on the DSM criteria, which are critical for an actual diagnosis of the disorder. A section on associated characteristics refers to cognitive deficits, speech and language impairments, tic disorders, and medical concerns associated with ADHD.

The authors also talk about accompanying or related psychological disorders such as conduct disorder, anxiety disorders, and mood disorders. Prevalence, course, and outcomes of ADHD are discussed along with social variables including gender. There is a section outlining various theories as to why ADHD exists, such as genetics, diet, and family influences. Finally, treatment options are listed including medications, parent management training, and educational intervention.
The least controversial sections of this chapter on a very controversial psychological diagnosis are about the history and symptomology. The fact that the American Psychological Association has opted to include ADHD as a disorder cannot be changed. What can change are the attitudes, beliefs, and treatments offered for the disorder. It seems that the inclusion of ADHD in the DSM has led to a proliferation of use of drugs used to treat the disorder. Many of these drugs have been used in a recreational context. Moreover, the long-term effects of the drugs are unknown, and it is unsafe to introduce psychotropic drugs into a child or adolescent mind without knowing how that drug could impact neurobiology or behavior later in life. However, the authors do a good job….....

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