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Complaints From Community Members

The fact that Officer Daniels has received complaints filed by multiple different members of the community in a relatively short period of time would raise immediate concerns. Whereas an isolated complaint could be the result of a misunderstanding, an unfounded act of retribution by someone for appropriate police action initiated by the officer, or the result of a single bad momentary decision, the fact that there are multiple such complaints suggests it is more likely that Officer Daniels may not be performing his duties optimally. Moreover, the fact that the complaints involve three different types of unrelated conduct suggests that there might be a common underlying issue such as psychological fatigue, burnout, or unresolved psychological trauma, as opposed to a an issue of poor or insufficient training (Miller, 2007). As a police psychologist, I would approach the situation as a possible unconscious request for help by the officer, particularly if the types of conduct described represent substantial departures from his prior and recent vocational performance history (Malmin, 2012; Miller, 2007).

Reports from the Field

Despite the superficial possible connection between his disheveled appearance and his lateness for his shift, the reports from the field relating to Officer Daniels' demeanor also suggest a potential psychological basis in that his delay in backing up fellow officers does not likely have any other connection.
For example, it is conceivable that ordinary fatigue (versus psychological fatigue) might explain his tardiness and disheveled appearance, particularly since lack of sleep is a known occupational factor in diminution of job performance in policing (Lindsey, 2007).

However, the reports relating to Officer Daniels' delay in backing up fellow officers would seem to be more obviously problematic, simply because it is less likely to be a function of adequate sleep. Instead, it might suggest either interpersonal problems in the nature of his relationship with fellow officers or some conflict with them that has not been resolved satisfactorily and that Officer Daniels has responded to in a passive-aggressive way.

Critical Information Required for Proper Evaluation

To help distinguish between possible issues of ordinary fatigue and psychological fatigue or depression or other psychologically significant issues that might explain Officer Daniels' tardiness, disheveled appearance, and sleeping on the job, I would want to inquire directly into his sleeping habits and into whether or not he has been assigned to rotating shifts. To investigate the potential issue of a passive-aggressive reaction on the part of the officer to his fellow officers, I would want to consider the various elements of the existing subcultural environment in the unit and in the….....

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