Application Goal Statement for Masters in Clinical Research Administration Admission Essay

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At ____, I served for a year as Editor in Chief for the North American Students Association (NASA), two years as NASA Vice-President for the UAG Student Body, and three years as class president. I was also elected by university officials to represent the UAG at the National AMSA Conventions in Washington DC, and Chicago, IL. I was fortunate enough to receive medical accreditation at the federal level and to be awarded the certificate as best Medical Pasante in the ____ Region.

In ____, I managed to acquire the donation of an ambulance [for/from] the ____ [from/for] the City of Laredo, Texas. Finally, some of the work from which I derived the most personal satisfaction was in connection with teaching 5th and 8th Grade Spanish at the University of Incarnate Word, in Guangzhou, China.

Personal Qualities

I have developed an in-depth knowledge of medical treatment processes and terminologies and possess a fluent command of both English and Spanish.
I have also worked to achieve good short-term counseling and crisis intervention skills and the ability to collaborate efficiently as a member of a health care team. I have the ability to apply organizational skills and to solve complex problems under pressure and to multitask effectively using all facets of modern computer equipment and applications in the clinical environment. My clinical experience has allowed me to apply extensive knowledge of the psychological aspects of health and illness effectively and to become familiar with discharge planning and care planning processes.

From my understanding, the ____ program is one of the strongest in the field. Additionally, the ____ program is an ideal option for me as I work a fulltime 40-hour-per-week schedule that realistically precludes pursuing the same type of degree on-site at a traditional academic program. I am most interested in applying my scientific degree and….....

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