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Problems and issues are inevitable in every society. These can be societal problems or issues that are profession-related. Sometimes people are so accustomed with their situation that effecting change would result to a social problem. A child who had been a victim of long-term domestic abuse may not welcome change if that change would mean being departed from his own family. A government employee would not welcome change if it would mean a loss in his

"corruption-takings." Or a victim of racism may be reluctant to change if his employment would be endangered.

Change is the only thing permanent in this world but it can be controlled. Change may cause problems but these problems may also cause further changes if not solved. 'Social change is the shifts in the attitudes and behavior that characterize a society' (Greenwood & Guner 2008).
Some of the societal and profession-related problems that need change are underemployment and unemployment, unfair distribution of income, drug addiction, oppression, poverty, racism, classism and sexism to name a few. These problems may sound simple but cannot be solved by a person all himself. He needs interaction from the society to effect change. Social justice can be served through a law or national policy but sometimes this 'law or national policy victimizes the poor and marginalized' (more 2011). If this case happens, 'unfairness is tolerated, accepted, and even regarded as 'necessary' (more 2011).

Social change is sometimes encouraged by the advancement of technology and behavioral change of a society. 'In 1900 only 6% of unmarried teenage girl engaged in premarital sex but by 2002, it ballooned to a large majority (around 75%) and this was caused by the contraception revolution.'.....

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