Probation and Recidivism Essay

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Probation and Recidivism

Recidivism is the habit of offenders falling back to crime or misdemeanor after having been charged with offences or while still on probation. It is a new crime that is committed by a felony inmate or a probationer (Merriam Webster, 2012). The recidivism rate is measured by the number of re-arrests, reincarnations and the reconvictions that take place.

From various studies, there have been various categories of offenders who have been noted to have a higher possibility of falling into recidivism than others and yet another category that has a greater percentage of success in their probation and not fall back into recidivism. The success on probation is widely predicted based on personal characters of the probationers. Women of thirty years and above are generally seen to be able to carry on successfully with the probation and not be subjects to recidivism. It is also noted by Cengage Learning Inc. (2009), those who have had no previous record of felony or being subjected to probation also have a high possibility of success in probation.

The offenders who have professions of technical skills that allow them to make a living within the society in a comfortable manner are also highly likely to succeed on their probation than those without any professional training or technical skills to earn a living from. It is also note that those offenders who went through high school successfully and finished are more likely to succeed in the probation and avid recidivism even after the probation period.
The offenders who lived for a quite some time with their children or their spouses have more chances of succeeding on the probation than those who have hot had any special attachments to their spouses or children. Those offenders who were on probation for petty offences or misdemeanor are said to have more chances of succeeding in the probation than those who were put on probation due to felony or more serious crimes.

From the above, it is noticeable that the community and the extent to which one is integrated into the community has a lot to do with the rate of recidivism or lack of it, hence the society being a pivotal point in ensuring the society has lesser and lesser cases of recidivism.

Impact of probation on recidivism

There are many who do not believe in the notion that a stronger and better planned probation has the ability to reduce significantly the rates of recidivism. However, as found out by Dr. Tony Fabelo (2009) the 'justice reinvestment' that he pioneered….....

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