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Presidential Qualities

The Qualities of a Good President


In 1963, former President Dwight D. Eisenhower stated in an interview that he felt there were six qualities that a president needed to be successful. Among these were qualities were moral judgment, and understanding of what makes America a uniquely great nation, the ability to keep one's wits in a crisis', ability to choose good advisors, experience, and a strength of character. These are timeless qualities that make a good president, and something that your own son, possesses.

Standing before you is your son, a person who possesses many of these qualities and would make a very good president. First of all there is experience, can you say that your boy, who came from Alabama and served his country with distinction in the Army, does not have experience. The Army give a person an abundance of life experience beyond what civilians could get. And if there is one thing the Army teaches a soldier, it is to keep one's wits in the heat of battle. Any crisis the president could be called upon to handle is something a soldier is already trained for.

Eisenhower also asserted that moral judgment, for instance, the difference between lying and telling the truth, or the ability to make sound decision without reaching for extreme solutions, led to a person having self-restraint.
This is a very important quality in a president, one that you have seen demonstrated by your son time and again. Your son does not lie, or seek easy, immoral solutions to difficult problems, he faces them head-on and does not shrink from responsibility.

If there is one thing that experience has taught the man standing here it is to surround oneself with the best people available. It does no good to have sycophants surround a president who only say what they believe the president wants to hear. It is vitally important for a president to have accurate and objective information and advice, not simply surround themselves with what Eisenhower called "satraps." (Time) The man standing here is fully aware of this and will not tolerate flattering rhetoric, it is clear, objective information for this president.

Eisenhower was a military general as well as a president, and his presidency was considered successful. He understood the qualities which made a good president, and knew that these qualities could be found more in American military men than in politicians. The man standing before you is an experienced soldier who also possesses the qualities that Eisenhower claimed to be necessary for a president to be successful.

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