Positioning and Brand Loyalty: Sports Events Usually Essay

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Positioning and Brand Loyalty:

Sports events usually include activities like conferences, fundraising, exhibitions, promotions, product launches, social events, and others. During such events, event organizers have several responsibilities including developing event sponsorships, budget organization, collateral management, marketing, and venue management. The marketing of sports products requires employees to have a link with customers and other sports audiences. In order to increase a product's performance in the sports industry, there is need for employees to have significant management and marketing training. The marketing of sports products include actions that may be carried out in corporate events, product promotions using players, sponsorships, and several advertising strategies.

Sporting events usually consists of several products that have developed to be known as sport products. While there are several sports, the most common products that consumers demonstrate high degrees of brand loyalty are sports drinks. There are several kinds of sports drinks that are currently available in the market as they compete with each other to be best sport drink available. In the past three years, sports drink category is considered as the products with the highest level of brand loyalty among consumers. Despite of the harsh economic conditions, sports drink category consists of approximately 87.6% of buyer's total purchasing, a category with more than 50%.

One of the sports products with a high degree brand loyalty among consumers is Coca-Cola whose personality is a reflection of the positioning of its brand ("The 'Coca-Cola' Brand," 2000).
The positioning of Coca-cola in the mind of consumers originates from the fact that many people view this product as a part of their daily life. In order to promote the positioning of its products in the market, Coca-Cola Company conducts a consumer research to determine the description of its product and its position in their mind. During this process, consumers are usually asked to describe that product as if it were an individual to ensure that these consumers have a clear perspective of the brand values that formulate the brand personality. In this case, the brand values are described by the consumer just like they could describe the values and beliefs that make up an individual.

The brand positioning initiatives determine or guide the information to be communicated in the company's advertising, especially on its website, whereas the character statement determines the process of delivering the information. The Coca-Cola brand loyalty and its positioning on….....

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