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Port Security

Collaborations between port security and enforcement operations

Port security is the defense, law as well as treaty enforcement to counter terrorism activities that are within a port or even a maritime domain. This is inclusive of seaports protection, the inspection and protection of cargo that are moving through ports as well as maritime security. Enforcement operations on the other hand enforce immigrations laws within a nation in a manner that is fair and effective. It therefore identifies and goes ahead to apprehend aliens, detains them if need be and removes illegal aliens from the United States. This unit is mandated to apprehend arrest and repatriate criminals who have been convicted. Therefore the collaboration between port security and enforcement operations means that within the port it is ensured that the area is safe and secure and the enforcement operation take full course in case anyone is found to be posing as a security threat. This means that the port authority and enforcement operations authority work hand in hand so as to ensure that the port area is secure and free from any threats that can arise.

Challenges of collaboration in managing port security operations

When it comes to collaborations in managing port security operations there are various long-term benefits that can be realized, however there are also various challenges that can be encountered and these include the implementation of the set standards that often define the actual safeguards that a port should have in place.
There are set of standards developed such as in conducting port vulnerability assessment, however this is questionable since many people who are used to working in certain conditions will not easily agree to make changes that a new environment may require. Secondly funding is a challenge and this is when determining the amount of funds that are required to perpetuate the collaboration as well as the source of these funds to meet the thresholds of the security improvements needed to meet the standards. Finally lack of efficient cooperation and coordination; among the port security and enforcement operations that will ensure that the security measures will actually work. The coordination is more often than not more complex that initially envisioned, therefore it is key to factor in continued practice and testing so as to ensure that the collaboration works.

The article "Port and Maritime Security Special Report"

The article "Port and Maritime Security Special Report" entails various things. First it looks at the historic development of the port security regulations. It looks at the chronological events on how port security developments have taken place over the years and the factors that brought about these developments. It goes ahead….....

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