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political parties candidates gain contributions. Considering, debates obtained stronger limitations. Make a case side show pros cons . 2 Discuss role voting population trend. Mention modern requirements keeping voters polls, potential voters choose

Politics in the United States spurs rather hated debates, especially between the two main forces of the political system, the Republicans and the Democrats.

The financing of the electoral campaigns is often a subject for debate for the public, the media, as well as the candidates themselves. At the same time, the financing of election campaigns has come to be legislated by law and at this point there are states that prohibit private contributions to electoral campaign and other that do not limit this contribution. In this case, seeing that the money spent in electoral campaigns provide more or less chances for candidates, the opportunities should be equal and the law uniform.

The sources of the money involved are most of the time left to be unknown or are presented only to a small extent.
However, the amounts received by a candidate may weight significantly in the win or loss of a race. For instance, in the 2002 race for Jew Jersey, congressman Pallone has made public the sources of his campaign and the amounts spent and acquired. Therefore, according to official data, he raised over one million dollars; where as his direct opponent, Republican Ric Medrow had raised almost thirty thousand. From the total amount of money received by Pallone, he spent more than 850 thousand dollars by comparison to his opponent who spent all of his acquired funds. (Open Secrets, 2002). Congressman Pallone was at that time the incumbent whereas Mr. Medrow was an unknown figure on the party scene. Even so, Pallone managed to raise an impressive amount of money from private sources as well, an aspect that offered him the possibility to conduct a more aggressive electoral campaign with a deeper impact.

The issue of limiting or not the private contributions to the electoral races is.....

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