Philosophical Perspective of Overpopulation Philosophy - Overpopulation Essay

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Philosophical Perspective of Overpopulation

Philosophy - Overpopulation

A Philosophical Perspective on Overpopulation

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We are in a globalized world because of digital technology and especially the Internet. The markets are globalized. People travel more internationally. It is possible to communicate internationally/overseas very easily because of email, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, blogs, and video chatting features such as Skype or video chat through Google and Apple. As we are a more globalized world, we are able to be more aware of global issues, of issues that do not concern us domestically. Not only is access to resources and issue for many citizens of Earth, but also quality of resources. The world is very much aware of how many people are on our planet and that those people need things such as food, clean water, shelter, and other basic human needs/rights. Because of the scarcity of certain resources, because of limited shelter and appropriate land to live upon, overpopulation is a concern for many. People are fighting for resources, fighting for access to resources, and those with corporate and financial powers are fighting to control valuable resources so in situations when overpopulation creates a demand for resources, they can profit a great deal. This paper will approach the issues of overpopulation from a philosophical standpoint. The paper will reference resources that offer statistics and viewpoints of current overpopulation as well as reference resources that offer a context within which we can consider the economic, social, and philosophical perspectives of this issue.

A Philosophical Perspective of Overpopulation

Just as many people do not believe in the validity of global warming as an imminent concern, there are those that are not convinced that our planet's population approaches a critical capacity.
There is evidence to support that overpopulation is real. People who do not believe in overpopulation must consider some facts before they can be persuaded otherwise. Population density within a region is critical to consider. We must also take into account not just the number of people, but also where they are physically clustered, and what resources are available in that area. Moreover, people need technology and tools to harvest resources and distribute them accordingly so that citizens are able to sustain themselves. We must also consider the economies of overpopulated areas. If there is little to no industry, or if the existing industries are behind in terms of process, materials or otherwise, such factors will contribute to the sustainability of a country and its citizens. The arguments against overpopulation are not compelling in light of this context such facts create. Humans value their sense of free will and should appreciate the power to exercise it. In order for future generations to experience the exercise their will over their destinies, the citizens of today must consider their progeny when engaging critical issues such as overpopulation.

There are limits to all material things, including natural resources. Because of the phenomenal rise in the population over the years, global warming, and the ratio of youth to the elderly, Earth is becoming overpopulated. More research is required to investigate the amount of natural resources and the types of technology available for agriculture to determine what effects they have regarding starvation. In addition, regarding the idea of declining populations, some proof, such as concrete statistics need to be further explored.

The individuals and corporations that control the accumulation, distribution, and manufacture of resources do….....

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