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Even [make personal] for those of us living in developed nations, the impacts of acting against global warming are very detrimental

i. [higher pitch, yet calm; almost condescending] small manufacturing firms that are just starting out will not be able to afford the technologies and processes that meet new emissions standards or purchase the credits for excess emissions that are popular parts of most global warming plans

1. This is unfair to small business, giving bigger players an advantage


2. This is unfair to consumers [gesture towards self and audience],

reducing competition and innovation

C. Global warming is just the latest specter created by certain officials to distract the citizenry from the real problems facing the country, like the growing wealth gap and rampant corruption -- it makes people get impassioned and feel like they are doing something without actually fixing the broken system

"Taking action against the misinformation of global warming is easy." [pause before each point; ery solid, resounding voice, yet really request these things]

A. The public should know the real facts of the global warming issue

Talk with friends and family about real scientific evidence and the negative impacts of trying to force change without such evidence

C. Write to your representatives to please pay more attention to politics and less attention to policies they think will get them reelected.


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