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The allegations against Mr. Parker are false, and furthermore, defy any sense of logic with respect to the history of the man in question. To suggest that he might have determined to yield all which he had worked for with no scintilla of ethical divergence by a single and senseless act such as that for which he is accused.

With his well-earned career and excellent reputation now at stake with this judgment, I implore a reconsideration of Mr. Parker's record and the nature of the case against him. First and foremost, I believe that the legal ramifications of this case must afford Mr. Parker an advantage in consideration, primarily based on the lack of concrete evidence against him. I will spare you the details of this shortage of concrete evidence, which will most assuredly be made clearer with any further hearings or proceedings against Mr. Parker.

I simply ask you to keep this consideration foremost in your mind as the case against him moves forward. There is a preponderance of the evidence which circumstantially appears to legitimize at least pressing forward with the case. However, this is truly the bare minimum of available evidence against any party. It is hardly a case of certainty such as seems to be implied by the professional consequences already facing Mr. Parker.
Taking into consideration that the case against Mr. Parker is somewhat flimsy, and reflecting upon Mr. Parker's history here and his generally commendable character, it should seem increasingly apparent that this is not a man deserving of our skepticism or scrutiny.

It should seem apparent to you that I am fairly committed to defending the innocence of my employee. This is primarily because, in addition to my certainty that this is the case, the absence of an individual such as Mr. Parker from our organization would be a detriment to us. In addition to a dishonor for one deserving of no such character and career assassination, our company would be deprived the services and sensibilities of a man who has consistently demonstrated his value to his position, his co-workers and his organization.

To disrupt the career path of a man who has already meant so much to this company is to prevent us from ever realizing all that he could mean to this company. It is thus that in humble terms, I ask you to be aware of the character and value of the man who stands before you to be judged. It is one deserving of a fair and favorable judgment. Thank you so much for your consideration......

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