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Personality Psychology

A Personality Profile of Charlie Sheen


Charlie Sheen, born Carlos Irwin Estevez, is an American movie and television actor who has been acting for almost 30 years in some capacity (A & E. Networks, 2012). He is the son of Ramon Estevez (aka Martin Sheen) and Janet Templeton an artist. His early was typical of a youth growing up in California, but he quickly joined the family business. At the age of nine he had his first acting role with in his father's production of The Execution of Private Slovik (A & E. Networks, 2012). Sheen performed bit roles in many different productions as a child and teen, but his drive to be a star and his antics became apparent early in his life. He was expelled from Santa Monica High School just two weeks before he was supposed to graduate in 1983 because of his bad grades and poor attendance record (A & E. Networks, 2012).

Sheen began acting full time after that, and his life has been one of great successes in his professional life and failures in private. Early in his career he was given a starring role in Oliver Stone's Platoon. This role made him a star and catapulted him into many of the acting jobs (Wall Street, different spoofs, Spin City, and Two-and-a-Half Men) that would make his a household name. While garnering a great deal of praise as an actor, he had a troubled private life. Sheen has been married and divorced three times with accusations of physical and verbal abuse, substance abuse, and philandering following him each time. He did have four children from his different wives, but they all live with their mothers (A & E. Networks, 2012).
In 2011, Sheen's run as the popular character "Charlie Harper" on the show Two-and-a-half Men came to a very public end as he became belligerent and started making very strange statements during contract negotiations. Sheen was forced to leave the show and made a cross country tour explaining himself to his legion of fans. Sheen has parried that misfortune into a new Television show (Anger Management) and greater success than he had ever enjoyed before.

Enduring Personality Characteristics

The two most enduring characteristics that Sheen has demonstrated during his life as an actor are entitlement and a difficulty with anger issues. Sheen grew up in a privileged atmosphere and he was quickly thrust onto the national stage. From birth people would have known who he was because of his father and mother, but he was also noted as a gifted actor early in life also. The entitlement piece of his character can be seen in the fact that he has continually had run-ins with studio executives over pay issues such as that which happened at the end of his Two-and-a-half Men tenure. Sheen demonstrated that even though he was the highest paid television actor (making $1.8 million per episode (A & E. Networks, 2012)) he believed that he was worth more. He has also demonstrated this element of his character….....

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