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Personal Statement

Up until now I have not thought of what the future has in store for me however, I dream that I become somebody, not an ordinary seventeen-year-old American, that I am today, but someone who has achieved something in life, through dedication and hard work. Superior education is the chance through which I can reach my objectives.

My parents are regular middle class folks who have vision of making their children more successful in life then they ever were. And because of our Vietnamese ancestry, the drive to attain the American Dream has intensified for us. Moreover, I will be the first one to attend college, it becomes doubly important. I lived in Jersey City the first ten years of my life. Then we moved to Secaucus, were we live presently. My brother and I have literally grown up here. Spending my formative years of Junior high and High school, making friends and changing from a pre-adolescent to a mature senior, mapping out my future, looking back sometimes it feels unreal.
From the beginning, I have always been interested in spots. In the ninth grade, I played baseball but after an accident, which left my elbow smashed, I could not play baseball anymore. Therefore, I turned to soccer. For the past three years, I have been playing as a starting goalkeeper for my high school team. I never imagined how interesting soccer would be and how it would shape my thinking about the future, and instill in me the discipline and values to make me think more coherently. Especially concerning the importance of teamwork and fairplay, these are the principles that are not only relevant in sports but are also necessary in any other part of life.

On academic levels I do not have pretensions, I consider my self to….....

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