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The Whatever School of Business at Whatever University prepares its students well for the accounting profession but also encourages them to engage in critical debate about how to honor the different interests and demands of stakeholders at a corporation, and to balance the law with the needs of the client, regardless of whether the client is a 'real' individual or the fictional individual of a corporation. On a larger level, I believe that my experiences as an international student at Whatever will help me as an accountant student and eventually as a CPA. I am used to balancing a variety of different perspectives, as I have had to learn about the United States while learning about American and world economic systems in my classes.

In my classes at Whatever many of the students are interested to hear about the additional life experiences that I have had because I am several years older than most undergraduates (I am currently twenty-eight years old). I have seen how different the world is personally as well as simply read about this fact in the classroom.
For example, while living in South Korea, I was required, as part of my duties as a citizen, to fulfill my national service requirement working as a security guard in a prison and to do administrative work. This taught me discipline. It gave me insight into the complexities of bureaucracy in a different nation than the United States, which will be helpful in the field of international accounting. On an emotional level, it gave me a point of comparison for my experiences in dealing with different personalities and different forms of bureaucracy in the United States.

I have heard it said that a good accountant is part economist, part mathematician, part lawyer, and part psychologist. Because of my work at the prison, through my study of economics and the cultural differences between the United States and South Korea, and through my love of the financial field, I think that my background will be ideally suited to fulfill all of these roles after graduating from the Whatever School….....

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