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As a member of the college community, my plan for personal responsibility is to always comply with formal rules and codes of conduct and be sensitive to the rights and welfare of others and to act in ways that respect those rights even when it might be more convenient for me not to.


Personal responsibility means recognizing obligations and meeting all of the burdens of those obligations. Circumstances calling for personal responsibility arise in many different contexts, including in relation to our obligations as students. While there are many different specific duties that correspond to different types of obligations, in principle, personal responsibility simply means recognizing our obligations honestly and doing what is reasonably necessary for us to fulfill those obligations in good faith. In the case of responsibilities as students, the greatest challenge is probably sticking to our initial plans when circumstances tempt us to do otherwise.

How might factors such as diversity, attitude, learning, and work styles affect team building?

In general, effective team building requires the establishment of a collaborative working environment within a group of multiple individuals. Because different people bring different skills and may bring very different perceptions, beliefs, values, and expectations to the team, one of the most important factors in effective team building is anticipating, preventing, and resolving conflict. The fact that team members often reflect diverse backgrounds and attitudes requires team builders and team leaders to consider those differences in administrating teams.
The consequences of failing to consider issues of individual diversity and attitude within teams can be the complete failure of the team to work together and accomplish the objectives of the team. Conversely, team building and team leadership practices that recognize the importance of sensitivity to diversity can allow teams to avoid unnecessary conflicts and to resolve any conflicts that do arise as quickly as possible and with the least possible disruption to the team and its achievement of it objectives.

Likewise, different people have different learning styles and working styles. Therefore, it is important for team leaders to recognize the opportunities to accommodate individual differences in that regard. Specifically, leaders can improve the efficiency of the team by allowing team members to learn in the ways that are most conducive to learning for each team member and by allowing individuals with similar working styles to work together to maximize their productivity and minimize any potential for conflicts arising from those types of differences. Ultimately, effective team building means understanding the differences in the perceptions and expectations of team members and allowing personal preferences about learning and working styles to become opportunities for collaboration rather than opportunities for conflict......

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