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The negative thing associated with this practice is that the individual may buy unnecessary items since the practice is carried out without proper consideration. Furthermore, shopping has the ability of becoming a negative addiction if it leads to the purchase of items that will no longer fit the individual after a short period of time. While shopping is a good activity, it turns to a negative addiction if it's driven by a state of tension and anticipation.

Similar to positive addictions, negative addictions are recurring habits or behaviors that are learned or acquired through trial and error or through observation of other people. When an individual is continually exposed to the substance or behavior with some level of satisfaction, the urge or craving for the substance or behavior emerge gradually following repeated practice and experience. The craving or urge for the habit or substance is a person's way of anticipation to enjoy it since he/she considers it to be good.

The likelihood of an individual to be addicted to a substance or habit is hindered if the person has never experienced it. On the other hand, the probability of the addiction to develop is also hindered if the person does not have a pleasurable or experience.
However, what is pleasurable varies from person to person since what is pleasurable for one may not be for another (Chakravarthula, 2001).

Generally, the origin of negative addictions is initial experience of a substance or behavior and continual exposure to the substance or activity. While a person may not enjoy the activity or substance initially, it becomes a strong addiction because it's used as a means of driving the uncomfortable urge away. Negative addictions develop through experimentation, anticipated enjoyment, and doing it for coping and survival.


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