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Most importantly, I want to return to my father at least a fraction of what he has given to me in education and encouragement. If it were not for his decision to home school me, I would not have been where I am today, and most likely I would have set less ambitious longer-term goals.

A graduated my home schooling career with honors, earned extra credits, and achieved all the goals I set for myself. I did this entirely by self-directed scholarship, and on the basis of what I received from my parents. This in turn enabled me to enter college at the unusually early age of sixteen years old. At seventeen, I have no completed almost two years of college. This, in my view, gives me an advantage over many other people at my age. Through home schooling I have matured to a level where can pursue my studies with full confidence of success. Having a GPA of 3.93, I have absolutely no doubt that I can reach my next goal, which is a B.A. In Government, after which my aim is to enter law school and become an attorney.
Of course I also believe in always aiming for higher, better goals. When I reach my currently highest goal of becoming an attorney therefore, I will strive to be the best in my field.

The benefits of home schooling have remained with me throughout my college career. Taking an active interest in my studies, my fellow students, and my school, I use whatever opportunities the school offers to contribute. So far the result has been that I have earned a spot on the Dean's List, Presidents List, and I am part of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. I am also active in associations and clubs such as the National Honor Society in Psychology (PSI Beta). Through these pursuits I attempt to widen my experiences and my learning paradigm beyond the purely academic.

I want to make my family proud by fulfilling my highest ambitions and beyond. So far, I have built ambition and commitment. These will set the precedent for the rest of my life......

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