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Frequently Asked Questions About Periodontal (Gum) Disease and General Health)

5. Conclusion

The increasing incidence of periodontal disease in developed countries is a cause of concern. As a study in this regard by Albandar, Brunelle and Kingman (1999) states, "Periodontitis is prevalent in the U.S. adult population" (p, 13).

This study estimated that, "...about 21 million persons have at least one site with > or = 5 mm attachment loss, and 35.7 million persons have periodontitis" (Albandar, Brunelle and Kingman, 1999, p.13). The authors also note that this is a conservative estimate.

However, there has been relatively little research undertaken on the concomitant and related affects of this disease. As has been discussed above, there is a growing body of research that suggests that periodontal disease affects other illnesses and can exacerbate diseases such as diabetes.
More research is needed in this area, which will in turn place greater emphasis on the need for oral hygiene and the early treatment of gingivitis.


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