Peer Pressure on Alcohol and Term Paper

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Accordingly, family-based prevention programs for youth have been developed, which significantly delay initiation of alcohol use by improving parenting skills and family bonding.

During adolescence, peers play a large part in a young person's life and typically replace family as the center of a teen's social and leisure activities. But teenagers have various peer relationships, and they interact with many peer groups. Often "peer cultures" have very different values and norms. Thus, the adult perception of peers as a "united front of dangerous influence" is inaccurate. More often than not, peers reinforce family values, but they have the potential to encourage problem behaviors as well. Although the negative influence of peers is over-emphasized, more can be done to help teenagers experience the family and the peer group as mutually constructive environments.
To accomplish this, families, communities, churches, schools, 4-H and other youth groups must work together (Haydock 45).

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