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During this time, film became a striking new media that represented both technological advancement and artistic expression. Film and motion pictures were in fact one of the most important technological and cultural developments in 1920s Germany. In addition to film, revolutions in the transportation and communications industries were sweeping across Europe. The advancement in automobile technology encouraged the planning and development of some of Germany's first major urban and suburban freeways.

Berlin was a socially liberal city during the early 1920s, sharing much in common with other European capitals like Paris in the tolerance for sexual expression and homosexuality.
Women's suffrage and feminism were also major issues of social justice, as were labor rights. Germans during the 1920s also cultivated a fascination with the occult. Esoteric symbolism made its way into the arts as an embrace of alternative spirituality. Unfortunately, Hitler and the Nazi party distorted occult symbolism and esotericism......

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