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Similarly operational efficiency is crucial for control but too authoritative approach to a controlled culture is no more feasible in the current business environment because it stifles creativity and hinders employee freedom affecting overall business performance. Innovation and setting benchmarks and preparing people to achieve such high standards become the hallmark of organizations that strive for competence. Lastly cultivation culture is about stirring the lives of customers and employees with the help of magnetic and inspiring leadership. Even if we ignore these particular characteristics even then customer focus becomes the corner stone of an organizational culture. Though, customer satisfaction comes only after employee satisfaction. If the culture of the company is such where employees feel empowered and are able to align their personal goals with organizational goals then customer services thrive in such an environment.

Global competition and customer demands also drive the need to do things faster, better, and at a lower cost. In such a scenario accompany has no way out but to focus its energies on its services.
Employee focus deals with concerns about morale, loyalty, commitment, and productivity which in turn garners customer satisfaction related to attracting new customers, customer retention, and business development with existing customers. If a company then puts a lot of emphasis on managing the corporate culture, then they have an obligation to support and contribute to business results in the areas of workplace learning and performance and customer services as well. This can happen by translating their mission, vision, principles and values into language and actions for everyone to follow.


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