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In siding with the marketing and sales teams, my position was that accuracy and speed of the development was more critical to meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The transformational power of leadership is kin changing a culture and making it more agile, market-driven and aggressively focused on customer needs. The argument of speed and accuracy for the customer, and more importantly to hold onto them as a client, overshadowed the training opportunity this provided from the development. Transforming an organization on behalf of customers can ensure its survival (Bucic, Robinson, Ramburuth, 2010).

Part III - What Would You Have Done?

Instead of capitulating on the issue, the CEO needed to come down on the side of the customers and realize that the culture of Cincom had become so distanced from the sense of urgency customers had for solutions that development needed to go to India. I would have gone entirely on the side of the customers and positioned the move to India as a warning to the development and engineering teams that they would need to step up their accuracy and urgency of learning new technologies. The CEO had positioned the development effort stating in the U.S. As being a learning experience for the development team. The trouble was there was no margin for scheduling error. A missed month in the schedule would lead to the customer going to a competitor far ahead technologically.
The use of learning as a leadership strategy where there are long-standing relationships with stakeholders are put into jeopardy can be costly (Bucic, Robinson, Ramburuth, 2010). I would have defined the vision of the company as staying in step with customers above all, and would re-architect the company top make it more efficient at development. If that meant moving development to India as the teams there were more efficient with the newer technologies that is what it would take. A transformational leader can completely redefine the direction and intensity of a business by concentrating on who they exist to serve first, rather than working to protect long-standing political allegiances (Stevens, 2011). I would have told the development and engineering teams to get all existing products on SaaS immediately. I'd create a friendly competition between the Indian and U.S. development centers to drive up quality of development too.


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