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Overpopulation Philos Identity Freedom

Overpopulation is a consistent and pervasive problem in the world today. There is no doubt that if one looks at the available data and even a great deal of public opinion that overpopulation may be the greatest problem for humanity and the earth to date as the expansion of the human population has become exponential and is increasing in intensity in numbers never before seen.

Since 1950, the global population has swelled almost threefold. The current population of almost seven billion is forecast to rise to more than nine billion by 2050. This is increasing demands on the finite resources of our planet, reducing our ability to bring people out of poverty and causing climate-warming increases in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a decline in biodiversity and conflict for resources (John, 2011, p. 18)

Yet, from a philosophical standpoint associated with identity and freedom there is no doubt that the problem with overpopulation is not being addressed on an individual level as each individual believes in his or her innate right to have children (chapter 10 in Chaffee).

There is a clear sense even from the experts that debates about the statistics are pervasive and definitions are lacking, leaving the scientific community to offer individuals limited concretes and many conjectures (Nicholas, May 2011), which are often easily shot down by civil laws' reluctance to intervene on an issue that is so enduringly associated with identity and freedom (John, 2011).
As is stated by John in The Times UK; "It's an uncomfortable subject for politicians; the idea of influencing family size has unpleasant associations with state coercion," (2011). This statement in and of itself demonstrates that the blank looks one might get at a dinner party if he or she broached the subject of overpopulation and how serious a problem it is directly to our lives today. It would seem then that individual choice seems to be paramount even to community and global well being when it comes to decisions of fertility and even decisions regarding the innate right to healthcare and improvement of longevity, resources and quality of life, the other key factors in population growth.

The challenges to overpopulation statistics in and of themselves demonstrate an out for individuals when they look at the seriousness of the overpopulation problem. Individuals make choices of fertility and health care based on their own personal desires and belief in the rights of the individual to make such paramount decisions. There….....

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