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That is why it is critical to go into OD strategies with clients who have a readiness for change mindset.

In terms of actually implementing the many strategies that are part of a broader OD strategic plan it is also critically important to focus on creating trust within the teams implementing them as well (Seidman, McCauley, 2009). In the case of team members from varying demographic and socio-economic backgrounds, the need to create shared ownership of a common objective is critical. The advantages of working with team members from varying demographic backgrounds is that many different perspectives are taken into account in solving OD challenges, there tend to be greater levels of empathy for the associates going through the significant change required to make the organization more effective, and there is greater levels of debate of which approach is best to attain OD strategic objectives. The disadvantages or drawbacks include unproductive conflict if the chasm between socio-economic and demographic groups is too great, a sense of ethnocentrism of one demographic group of employees being better or separate from others, and the tendency to be culturally blind about how one's perspective of the world impacts another's. Despite these variations in demographics and socioeconomic status, OD can be a unifying strategy that gets an organization more focused on how to stay competitive while increasing the value and competiveness of its workforce.

OD has emerged as a strategically important area within organizations who rely intensively on their associates' skills, intelligence and insight to compete more effectively. An example would be the OD efforts within Google, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, all enterprise software companies who are aligning their specific organizational culture strengths to the development of more competitive product and service strategies. The reliance on OD as a means to increase the level of knowledge and training their employees received while still keeping focused on their strategic objectives illustrates the value of OD in a turbulent global economic environment.


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