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Ford Motor Company Campaign for 2002

The challenge for any manufacturer during this volatile U.S. economy is finding new markets and new customers. Even a company like Ford Motor Company, which has had a long history of producing quality automobiles for over one hundred years, cannot rest on its laurels of past successes. If the Ford Motor Company closes its doors tomorrow, the consumer market would not miss them because of the vast number of alternatives to fulfill the needs of automobile drivers; however, since Ford has had a long history, it's past successes can be incorporated into any promotional avenues the company pursues. Fortunately, the Ford Motor Company has had a history of aggressively spending money in advertising dollars and initializing interest in their products and service. In the latest numbers available published in Advertising Worldwide, Ford ranked fifth of advertisers worldwide in 1998, seventh in Regional Ad Spenders for Europe and Latin America in 1999, ninth in advertising in Australia (AU$55 million -- 1999), eleventh in Taiwan in 1999, and number six in the U.S. (U.S.$1,520.7 million), according to 1998 figures. But there are regions Ford doesn't appear favorably, especially the developing nations of Central Europe, Africa, or Asia. What people want the world 'round in a car is the same: a long-term, reliable vehicle at a low price that's fuel efficient with outstanding safety, and stylish. Americans will own several cars in their lifetime. My target in the domestic promotional campaign is to make those automobiles Fords, whether it's their first car, a new car for an expanding family, or a car in for the retirement years. My campaign proposal is designed to strike various sectors of the public. To accomplish that, I am proposing a product identification campaign, using situations or settings that reflect the U.S. domestic market with individuals who appreciate driving Ford motor vehicles. It has to be an all-encompassing spectrum of the societal fabric of America.


This will be our promotional tag line. We will emphasize the finer points of Ford's quality in the products and services; we will feature the variety vehicles, sports car, economy vehicle, sedans, mid-sizes, SUV, luxury cars, coupes, or pick-up trucks: Ford has all styles to fit all needs, to fit all lifestyles.
One of Ford's strong points is this variety, whether the name is Lincoln, Mercury, Land Rover, Volvo, Mazda, or Ford. We won't say, if you're poor you will not be able to afford a luxury car; but what we will say that no matter your lifestyle, whether you are single, married, retired, in college, or expecting your third child, then Ford has the vehicle and financing plan that fits your needs. This promotional campaign pushes the products and the fine service from the repair and maintenance technicians, to the excellence in quality of Ford parts, which are delivered when you want it, when you need it. We must aggressively depict Ford customers in the advertisements that reflect American ethnic groups rarely seen in ads: Asian families, Native American families, Arab-Americans. No other automobile manufacturer is pursuing this line of promotion. Ford will blaze the trail and others will follow based on the success of the ads.

The main focal point of the campaign is for consumers to come to the dealerships and give the products a try, ask questions of the sales representatives and the mechanics; it's vital to make the consumer's visit to the dealership enjoyable and informative. If they buy a car at the time of their visit, wonderful; if not, they'll certainly remember Ford when they're ready to purchase a new automobile if the experience at the dealership is rewarding. We want to put the name "Ford" on people's lips through word-of-mouth; essentially, we're putting tens-or-hundreds of thousands of sales people on the street talking about their Ford experience, which will be supported by our traditional means of advertising in print newspaper and magazines, electronic media outlets, and Internet banners.

FORD IS AMERICA: Marketing Strategy

First, ensure all sales representatives and….....

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