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Books and television shows, such as the Corner, provide illustrations that can give a level of insight as to why this is the case. It is not drugs alone, but also the drug culture and the level of poverty that stands at the heart of the problem. You cannot simply remove drugs from the equation. Even if you confiscate drugs then the street price rises and more drugs are imported. Even beyond that, you must treat the sociological problems that led people to drugs along with the physical dependency on drugs themselves to have any meaningful impact on the problem.

The ineffective War on Drugs has also caused a host of social changes. For every person that is incarcerated, there is usually some broken family that has to deal with their absence. When an individual is in jail there is really nothing they can do to support their families or children. This can make it very difficult to support children with a family member in jail. Furthermore, once a person is incarcerated then this shows on their permanent record and can prevent them from finding decent employment.
Therefore, not only does the War on Drugs devastate families, but it can also ensure that criminals are subjected to a life of poverty. Instead of giving people the treatment they need to overcome their drug problem, they are criminalized and this can impact their social capacities for their entire lives. Works Cited Head, T. "Key Facts About the War on Drugs." N.d. Civil Liberties. Online. 8 April 2013. . IMDb. Sean Nelson. N.d. Online. 9 April 2013. . -- . The Corner. N.d. Online. 9 April 2013. . Mosle, S. "Mean Streets." 23 November 1997. The New York Times Books. Online. 8 April 2013. . Simon, D. And E. Burns. The Corner. Broadway Books, 1998. Print......

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