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The final step in decrease law enforcement budgets was the cut of 20% federal prison system. As of right now, prisons take up millions of dollars to house drug offenders and other non-violent criminals. These funds are needed elsewhere, and so they must be taken from keeping up the building and regulation of so many unnecessary prisons in the United States.

In terms of protecting consumers much needed to be done. To ensure consumers protection on investments, deposit insurance increased by 10%. This will allow people to renew faith in the banking system in they have more insurance on their deposits. Additionally, I cut 20% of tax cuts for the richest 1% of tax payers, 10% for the second two richest. Hold even for the third, and an increase of 10% for the bottom tax payers. Furthermore, I cut 20% of untaxed foreign profits and 10% of tax benefits for mining, energy, and timber tax breaks.
The corporations are what got us into such a deep recession, so they have to be responsible for some of it.

To ensure a better future for more Americans, I also adjusted the tax breaks on retirement funding. I increased tax free employer paid pensions by 10%, as well as 401 k and IRA (individual retirement accounts) by 10%. There are so many people uninsured, we can't wait for any legislation to pass. So, I implemented a 10% increase on employer-paid health insurance, a 20% increase for self-employed medial insurance, and a 10% increase on medical savings / health savings accounts. I kept housing tax benefits where they are, they are working well enough in this economy, and most people who need tax breaks are renters nowadays.

This exercise was a very detailed examination of all the ways we can allocate federal funding, and how that allocation can affect the.....

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