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It stands as proof of the fact that people are more powerful than nature when it comes to the confrontation between the two.

People have to abandon all prejudices when coming across the concept of global warming and start thinking about methods of profiting from the overall state of affairs. This process is actually preventing numerous individuals from focusing on one of the most important matters in the contemporary society-money. In their attempt to restore nature and reduce the effects of global warming, many institutions lose large amounts of money and feel that it is essential for them to become green. Pollutants are actually responsible for generating profits, thus the reason for which the masses are required to focus on identifying all sources of pollution and support them, given that this is very likely to generate profits in the long-term.

When considering all the finances, thoughts, and efforts put into finding greener solutions for car fuels, it becomes obvious that this is all a big waste.
The answer lies in the past and in the idea that fossil fuels are one of the civilized world's greatest supporters. With the costs related to devising or buying cars running on alternatives sources of energy, people would be better off sticking to more conventional means of powering their automobiles.

The general public's only chance to emerge out of the global warming process successfully would be to start a campaign supporting the use of fossil fuels in powering cars. Society as a whole would most likely benefit from the procedure and people would no longer have to be concerned about unimportant and expensive matters. What most individuals need to realize is that fossil fuels are one of earth's greatest riches and that it has to be exploited as long as humanity is still capable of….....

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