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That would enable me to brew my own coffee instead of purchasing coffee in a paper and plastic cup everyday, and it would allow me the necessary time to prepare home-made meals and to filter my own tap water instead of purchasing prepared packaged foods and bottled water, both of which add to my food footprint and my consumption of goods and services beyond what is necessary. Since most of friends have similar lifestyles, I would encourage them to make the same types of changes for the benefit of the local, national, and global ecology.

Environmental Implications of my Carbon Footprint

On one hand, I recognize the fact that I could improve my personal ecological impact by implementing the described changes. On the other hand, I am pleased to find out that my carbon footprint is so much lower than the national average because carbon emissions are associated with some of the most direct, damaging, and far-reaching consequences of ecological factors (Crittenden & White, 2010).
Realistically, substantial reduction in the long-term national and global ecological footprint cannot be achieved by reliance on individual initiative.

However, individual awareness and effort in that regard is still extremely important because public sentiment and values drive national and international concern and policies through the ordinary process of societal evolution. Therefore, it is likely that awareness and involvement on an individual basis is crucial toward the eventual establishment of national and international approaches to reducing the impact of the global human ecological footprint for the long-term and on a sufficiently large scale to make a meaningful difference to the generations inhabiting this planet in 50 or 100 years.


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