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multiple liner regression to determine the time taken to dispatch daily subscription newspapers from the New York Times Printing Plant to several offices and homes in New York City and its neighborhood. The newspaper delivery routes are to be the shortest and most efficient in terms of conserving fuel that would otherwise be wasted on traffic jams. The Logistics Manager suggested that the variables that are most crucial are the distance to be traveled by the delivery vans and total number of newspapers to be delivered in any particular area. The logistics Manager pooled observations from 25 offices and homes on the average newspaper delivery times. This data was then used to model the econometric model and an analysis carried out.

This paper concludes with recommendations to the New York Times CTO on the most important changes on the logistics department of the firm. This paper prescribes the best possible solution that would yield an increase in the company's ROI.


Econometrics is the development and the application of quantitative together with statistical techniques in the study of economics. It combines both the theories of economics and statistics in the analysis and the analysis of relationships that exists in economics.

Econometrics is divided into two major branches. The first one, theoretical econometrics, deals with questions regarding the properties of statistical tests and their corresponding estimators. The second branch of econometrics that is referred to as applied econometrics deals with the application of econometric principles for the purpose of assessing economic theories.

The observational nature of econometric data makes it very hard to predict the exact case scenarios as one would do in the case of a controlled experiment. It is of paramount importance to present the observations on the basis of non-complex behavioral correlation that are technology or preference based.
This solves the inherent problem of complex equilibrium conditions that model different economic conditions.

Economists therefore have developed a systematic approach for making credible conclusions without the need of control experiments.

The major reasons as to why econometrics is applied are two. The first one being that it is can be utilized in the process of giving empirical data that is applicable in the field of economic theory. It can also be used to perform or rather to subject theories of economics to test as to whether they are true or false.

Literature Review

Many researches have explored the importance of econometrics in the field of operation research. Several researches critically analyses the role that econometrics can have in the increase of a firms ROI. The effect has been found to be profound if all the microeconomic determinants are considered in the formulation of a viable logistical solution Rudolf Henn), W Oettli, BH. Korte et al. (1977).

The application of econometrics in the field of logistics was also in the testing of the effect of demographics in the distribution network of newspapers. Other factors have also been identified to affect the delivery of newspapers in various parts of the world. Such factors include demographics of the region being served, Seamon et al. (2000).

In summary, not a lot of research had been dedicated earlier on the logistical aspect of newspaper delivery. This paper therefore serves attempts to bring an understanding into the nature of determinants that affect the process of newspaper delivery with the aim of increasing profitability to newspaper companies in the varios metropolis of the world.

Hypothesis Development

The hypothesis used in this study was drawn….....

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