Mother's Day and the "Hallmark" Image of Essay

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Think about Mother's Day and the "Hallmark" image of Mom. Look at cards, ads, etc. And be specific - how does the idealized mother appear? What are the stereotypes? Expectations?

Mother's Day and the "Hallmark" image of Mom

Mother's Day and the "Hallmark" image of Mom

This is a day celebrated worldwide to recognize maternal bands, motherhood and the contributions made by mothers in the society. This day is been widely celebrated to make mothers feel appreciated for the role they play in molding and caring for the family. Celebrations for the contributions made by mothers are accentuated by the increasing volumes of cards and advertisement messages. These messages go to the extent of depicting the mother as a hero to the society undertaking duties to an extreme otherwise inconceivable (Arendell & Terry, 2000).

With the change in times, celebrations for mother's day have grown to accommodate the extremes in the society. Bearing in mind the contributions made by mothers, it is a confusing atmosphere for those who wish to show appreciation The cards and advertisements messages are adequate to target a message that every mother wishes to get. They throw those who are expressing their appreciation into frenzy.
One tries to pick a unique message deviating from the hallmark fantasy about their perfect mother.

Idealization of mothers

The idealized mother in advertisements and card messages is one who goes to extraordinary heights to ensure the best for their family. These messages depict the roles undertaken by the mothers as invaluable to the society considering that no one else in the world has replicated. A mother is considered to be a distinct being since their actions in bringing up a family has no guide rules and, they still emerge good balancing off between the moral, economic and social requirements. The selflessness that a mother deploys in care and rising of children is a perfection expressed in the messages. The celebrations of mother's day look….....

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