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This program helps users include articles that their customers find interesting, and to promote their products and services. This program also includes numerous discounts. The objective of this program is represented by building brands and reaching certain categories of customers (UNFI, 2011).

United Natural Foods' customers are represented by smaller, medium, and larger retailers. Some of them are store departments, while other focus on selling organic products. When collecting information on these customers, the company is interested in their location, because this is an important factor that must be taken into consideration by the distribution process management. The objectives of these companies are also important, because they reflect these customers' needs regarding United Natural Foods' products and services.

In addition to this, the company should be interested in information regarding the financial performance of its customers. This is because this issue can influence the relationship between United Natural Foods and its customers. In other words, the company is interested in establishing whether these customers are able to purchase its products and services.
Based on this information, United Natural Foods can analyze its customers and their behaviors.

The company can use this information in different ways. Such data can be used in developing the marketing strategy and adapting it to each category of customers. This is important, because these customers have different requirements that must be addressed with suitable products and services. In addition to this, based on this information, the company establishes what products can be included in its product range. This helps the company improve its position on the market, improve its relationship with customers, and increase its efficiency and productivity.

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