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Mil Spouse

The life of the soldier is often examined throughout society today in many different formats, but often left out as a part of the story is the better half of the subject. Military spouses have their own unique story which helpfully contextualize the role and dedication to duty these entire families must endure. The purpose of this essay is to help bring understanding to the subject of military spouses by contrasting the beneficial and non-beneficial traits of this role. I will explore this subject by demonstrating the additional physical, emotional and spiritual requirements I have learned that are needed to attain in order to reach a sense of normalcy and purpose within their lives and relationships.

Military life can be divided into two distinct periods. These periods are defined by when the soldier is either home or deployed away from home on a mission. The roles of the family often require flexibility and cross training in order to keep the family going in its prescribed path of potential. When the soldier is home, different requirements and adjustments are needed then those required when the soldier is not there. The military spouse is often required to show courage in neither the husband or wife is deployed on a dangerous mission. Sitting around waiting is often harder than actually staying busy even if it is in a dangerous war zone. From personal experience, I understand that this lack of control requires a certain level of patience not commonly seen in those outside the military world.
Physically, when the soldier is deployed, the spouse must assume and perform the duties that that soldier usually completed when he was home. From my personal experience I know that fixing things that my spouse would usually fix created a whole new way of understanding things which allowed me for personal growth. If children are involved the physical tasks required to keep the household going doubles. Household errands including cleaning and laundry, now all fall on the responsibilities of one person instead of two. As a result of the physical demands, energy reserved for other purposes in life are now siphoned away. For example, just moving a piece of furniture around the house requires many extra steps and resources, when before, my spouse could handle it immediately.

There are some good things, however, when the spouse is physically not there. Laundry loads are smaller, meals aren't as extravagant and living expenses tend to go down. Doing extra physical duty does tend to increase my personal strength and stamina….....

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