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Their Eyes Were Watching God

African-American writer Zora Neale Hurston has made a strong presence within the inter-war period and her most impressive book was Their eyes were watching God, the life story of Janie Crawford. Janie's life was dramatically marked by three men -- all of which were her husbands, at one point in her life.

Janie's first husband is Logan Killicks. Logan is an older man who became interested in Janie as a companion to running his farm. He was in fact looking for a wife to help around the house and help him keep the farm. The marriage had been arranged by Janie's grandmother, Nanny, who had been raped and had seen the same tragedy happen to her daughter. Janie was the result of two generations of rapes and Nanny was trying to ensure that the same does not happen to her, that she does not live by the perception that the "nigger woman is de mule uh de world" (Hurston, p.20).
But Janie was a young woman, dreaming of love and passion and not sharing the farming interest of her older husband. So she ran away with Jody Starks. Their love affair was initially intense, but Janie soon discovered that Jody -- while he appeared different -- was in fact quite similar to Logan.

Upon leaving her first husband, Janie ran away with Jody to Eatonville, so they could start a new life. But the couple found the town in a poor condition, with low morale among the citizens and little confidence and social success. He as such becomes involved in the development of the community and is elected mayor.

Jody opens a store in Eatonville and when his responsibilities increase, he asks Janie to run the store. She was however only able to administer the store but was not allowed to interact with the customers more then necessary to take part in the active social life. Janie as such gradually discovered that she was the trophy wife of Jody.

Jody had as such lured her; he….....

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