Media and Aggressive Behavior the Research Paper

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Acceptable forms of behavior need to be modeled and reinforced while unacceptable forms of behavior need not be supported. This all needs to be done before these acts and violent behaviors become imprinted as a part of normal behavior. Individuals are still going through hormonal and physical changes far into their twenties; neuronal connections are also still being developed during this time (Perry 2013). This means that if appropriate behavior isn't being modeled during this essential time period, then the individual does not biologically know what is right and what is wrong. Someone who has been exposed to aggression their entire lives may turn to violent media because it is all that they are familiar with (Rappaport 2004). This familiarity is therefore constantly reinforced by everything that they are exposed to thereafter. Therefore biological factors such as brain development, is another reason why media has a great influence on violent behaviors.

It has been established that there is a clear link between the media and aggressive behavior. Violent television shows, movies, and video games create a sense of normalcy surrounding the idea of aggression. However, the media does not cause this to be true in all cases. There is a strong correlation between the two notions, but having one occur in no way guarantees that the latter will occur as well. There are millions of individuals that are being exposed to the same media that individuals who turn out to be aggressive are being exposed to -- however, not everyone turns to crime as an outlet for this violent media experience. It is the anomaly to this that needs to be addressed. Although not every child exposed to the media will turn out to be aggressive in nature, the alternative is dangerous.
The media influences individuals with such a great intensity, that in order to avoid the possibility of creating a violent adult, limiting exposure to violent media needs to be done.

In all, the idea of a link existing between violent media and aggressive behavior is true. Acknowledging the problem is only the first step. Children who are exposed to violent media on a regular basis are more likely to exhibit violent acts and aggressive behaviors. This aggression could then as a result turn a sociopathic personality into one capable of committing atrocious acts against innocent individuals. Shaping and modeling appropriate behaviors needs to be done in order to avoid a nonreversible imprint that watching violent media could cause. Although more research needs to be done, the correlation between the media and aggressive behaviors has clearly been established.


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